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Wintergreen is a herb with aromatic qualities used for various purposes.

But to me, here is a sample of how your lawn can contribute to your sense of well-being in the winter- at least before the snow covers the lawns.

It is a day or two before Christmas Day, and it looks like we are not going to have a White Christmas. So if not a White Christmas, then it is referred to as a Green Christmas.

But if your lawn is all brown- can you full enjoy a Green Christmas? Now maybe a White Christmas is preferable to a Green Christmas, but a Green Christmas is surely more enjoyable than a brown Christmas.

So I took a couple of quick photos of a Turf King lawn that got a Turf King winter fertilization done this fall about the end of Octoberl. The lawn is relatively new. The sod was put down in the middle of July.

See more about Winter Fertilizer

As you can see there is a noticeable difference in the health and quality of a lawn that has been started on a Turf King lawn care program.

Great Green lawns with Turf King Lawn Care

Except it looks like the puppy fed a small circle of the lawn to at least keep that small piece green.

Great Green lawns with Turf King Lawn Care

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