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Once in a while someone asks for "The Best"

I want your "Best Lawn Care Program"

I need everythng

Give me "The Works"

I especially like it when they ask, "How much is your best program?"

Then I can say, "I'd like to sell you our TWO MILLION DOLLAR program. It does come with a lot of bonuses, perks and fantastic white gloved care for your lawn. "

Of course, everyone realizes that we like humour and getting the joke, they quickly back track a bit.

Now we do have our "Royal Program" which does include a bunch of treatments and applications. It doesn't include as much as the $2 Million Dollar program but it does have most of the things that are typically applied to lawns on a regular basis.

What I think is important is to figure out what you need. And what your lawn needs. Sometimes some people need the Royal Program, even if that is not necessarily exactly what the lawn needs.

While we're still itching to sell our first 2 Million Dollar program and while we do sell a lot of Royal Progams and would love to sell more of them-

We know that both your interests and our long term interest are served best when we can find the right lawn for you, for your lawn, and for your budget. Talking about your needs, problems and desires is the best way to hep us to help you achieve the perfect balance.

A Royal Lawn Care Program from Turf King for lawns in Oakville

On the other hand we do have Economy and Budget lawn care programs for those whose castles and lawns are somewhat more modes.

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